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Food Play Kit

Food Play Kit

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Color of Food Play Stamps

Want to introduce new foods to your little one? This food play kit is what you are looking for! This kit will be sure to surprise and delight your picky eater while piquing their curiosity about unfamiliar foods. These products are staples for food play activities and will give you the tools to feel confident with your child’s food play journey.

Food Play Kit Includes:

  • 4 Food Play Tongs (pink, purple, blue, and green)
  • 12 Food Play Stamps (choice between pink, red, green, and purple)
  • 3 Food Play Knives (colors assorted: yellow, blue, green, red, or pink)
  • Digital download of 4 step-by-step food play activities to use with these products


Food play Tongs

These food play tongs add the perfect playful touch to any food play activity. Not only can they be used during food exploration, but also as a fun utensil during meals or snacks. It's a simple way to motivate and encourage your child to explore different foods.  Click here to learn more about the food play tongs.


Food Play Stamps

These food play stamps create the perfect-sized vegetable bite every time and allow kids to learn about new foods using different shapes. They are specifically designed for kids, allowing them to explore and play with foods, without worrying about cutting themselves. Click here to learn more about the food play stamps.


Food Play Knives

These food play knives are great for our little chefs and food explorers. They can use these knives during snack time, to prepare meals, or as a part of a food play activity in order to encourage picky eaters to interact positively with foods. This works on their cutting skills and fosters their autonomy when it comes to food! Click here to know more about the food play knives.

Please note: this item is assorted. The colors you receive may vary from the image shown.


Digital Download of Food Play Games

Need inspiration for food play activities that go with each product? When you purchase this food play kit, you will get 4 digital step-by-step food play activities so that you can play with your kiddo! Enjoy classic childhood games such as bingo, food sorting, ring rally, and arts & craft activities with a food play twist! Each game can be printed and played multiple times. 


Get cooking and exploring foods with this Food Play Kit!

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