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Food Play Tongs

Food Play Tongs

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These food play tongs add the perfect playful touch to any food play activity. Not only can they be used during food exploration, but also as a fun utensil during meals or snacks. It's a simple way to motivate and encourage your child to explore different foods. 

Recommended age: 4+

Product Description

  • Includes: 1 food play tong + a digital download of a "Color Sorting" food play activity
  • Size: 5.1 x 1.5 in
  • Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, or Green


  • The digital "Color Sorting" food play activity can be used as many times as you wish! Easy to follow instructions and loads of fun for any child.
  • The food play tongs work on developing hand strength and fine motor skills.
  • The colorful and cute design makes it interesting at mealtimes and encourages kids to interact with food. 
  • 100% FDA-approved and BPA-free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
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