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Bite Size Cards

Bite Size Cards

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Inspired by Marsha Dunn Kein's bite-size concept, be sure to download the Bite-Size cards for any food play activity. This fun game is a great way to motivate and encourage your picky eater to try new or unfamiliar foods. If they are not ready to fully swallow the food, you can leave a small plate or bowl beside them so they can spit out the food after taking a bite.

How to play:
1) Print(double-sided!) and cut out a set of Size of a Bite Game cards. Optional: laminate the cards for improved durability.
2) Set up a small plate with a few new foods
3) Ask your child to pick a card
4) Then ask them to pick a food
5) They now are invited to take a bite of the size indicated on the card!

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