Easter Food Play: Egg-citing Games for Picky Eaters

Easter Food Play: Egg-citing Games for Picky Eaters

Welcome to our food play blog, where we bring creativity and fun to the table, especially for parents of picky eaters! With Easter around the corner, why not infuse the holiday with some exciting food play games and explorations? In this blog, we're thrilled to share some egg-cellent ideas to make this Easter season memorable and deliciously fun!

Easter Hunt Egg-travagenza

Add a fun twist to the classic egg race game by creating an outdoor obstacle course! Enlist your child to help cut veggies, fruits, or hard-boiled eggs, and place the pieces into the plastic eggs. We use this egg race kit for our obstacle courses around this time of year and it's a hit with our kiddos! Then, both you and your child can make an obstacle course around the kitchen, or outside (if the weather permits). Challenge yourselves to navigate the obstacle course while balancing the egg on a spoon. If the egg falls, simply return to the starting line, create a new piece of food, and try again. It's a lively and entertaining way to get moving while enjoying some healthy snacks!

Pro tip for less mess: Cover the veggies, fruits or foods with either a ziplock bag or tin foil. Then, when it falls (because it will inevitably fall), it won’t make a mess in your home!

Egg Shaper Delight

This kitchen tool (Plastic Boiled Egg Shaper) is absolutely adorable! Just insert a boiled egg into the shaper, and like magic, it molds the egg into various shapes. While it may require a bit of practice and a few attempts to get the hang of it, the process is quite straightforward. Opting for XL eggs yields the best results, although large eggs will suffice (unfortunately, with slightly less aesthetic appeal). Regardless, your child will be enchanted by the transformation of the egg into different shapes, which it retains beautifully. Personally, I've found myself mesmerized and intrigued by this process, although sometimes, explanations can detract from the magic. As an added bonus, the shaper can also be used with sticky rice, crafting it into charming little designs.

Food Hunt – Easter Food Play Edition

Experience our Easter Food Hunt with your family! Download and print multiple copies of our free food hunt activity. Distribute one copy to each player. Then, on the count of "1, 2, 3, go," challenge everyone to locate a food item that matches each description provided. For example, if the description is "something round," participants could find an orange, a lime, or even an egg! Whoever gets all of the items first wins!

Rock N’ Roll - Food Play Game

Explore our Rock N’ Roll game on Instagram (@pickyeatingexperts). It's available to watch as a reel or read below! Grab a dozen plastic easter eggs and engage your child in a fun activity. Have them slice a variety of veggies, fruits, and simple snacks to place inside the eggs. Secure them shut.  Rip a few inches of painters tape and label each tape with actions like "touch," "smell," "kiss," "look," "taste," and "lick." Scatter the tapes across a table or your counter (you might need to have a large surface!). Players take turns rolling the eggs and observing where they land. Wherever the egg lands, open the egg and perform the corresponding action with the food inside. For instance, if the egg contains an apple and lands closest to "touch," your child simply touches the apple and returns it to its place. This might sound a little harder to understand, but watch the reel and you’ll get the gist of it!


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