Hi there!

Welcome to ABC Yum, where we specialize in supporting children with sensory processing challenges! We are Victoria and Kathryn, pediatric registered dietician and occupational therapist, who are deeply passionate about helping children overcome sensory difficulties and thrive. We both live in Montreal, Quebec, where we work alongside our families to create a positive experience with mealtimes and food!

Our journey to specializing in sensory kiddos has been fueled by passion. While we've worked with diverse clienteles, it's our dedication to supporting children with sensory processing challenges that truly ignites our hearts. Working closely with families, we help them understand their children's unique needs and provide them with the tools and techniques to overcome picky eating. Witnessing the transformation in children who once shied away from certain foods to embracing them wholeheartedly has been incredibly rewarding.

We know we cost a lot!

From our own experience, finding a feeding therapist, especially one who knows the ins and outs of catering to a child with unique sensory preferences, can feel like finding a treasure chest at the end of a rainbow! But let's be real: these gems often come with a hefty price tag. Sadly, this leaves many families without help, unable to reach the lifeline they desperately need.

We're determined to change this reality!

We understand the challenges families face when trying to find feeding therapy—it can be hard to come by and expensive too. But we're here to make a difference! We're passionate about ensuring that every family, no matter their financial situation, can get the help they need. Our mission is to support all parents of sensory kiddos by giving you the knowledge and tools to feel empowered in guiding your child's food journey, at the comfort of your own home.

Our Vision is...

To foster understanding and acceptance for every sensory child, who too often faces misunderstanding. We strive to empower parents to become active partners in their child's journey, gaining insight into their unique sensory needs and fostering a healthy balance between honoring their own particular sensory profile, while also having the confidence to try new foods and achieving a healthy diet.