Carrot Painting

Materials Needed

  • Carrots
  • Paint or Sauces
  • Paper


1) Take your carrot and cut them around 2 inches thick. This should be comfortable in your child's hand. 

(insert image here)

2) Lay out paint of different colors or sauces of different colors.

(insert image here)

3) Using the carrot, ask your child to color a DO-A-DOT printable. Click here for free printables. Or you can give your child a blank paper and let their imagination go wild!

(insert image here)


  • Instead of using paint, you can always use different sauces such as ketchup, mustard, relish, whipped cream
  • You can use different sized carrots or different parts of the carrots for different size of the dots. For example, you could experiment with baby carrots for precise dot work, and large parts of carrots for big dots.